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Doctor's thesis


  • Tomoyuki Kajiwara. Text Simplification without Simplified Corpora.

Master's thesis


  • Mio Arai. Incorrect Example Retrieval System with Grammatical Error Detection for Second Language Learners.
  • Yuting Zhao. Double Attention-based Multimodal Neural Machine Translation with Semantic Image Regions.
  • Satoru Katsumata. (Almost) Unsupervised Grammatical Error Correction.
  • Michiki Kurosawa. Neural Machine Translation using Language Model of Target Language.
  • Hiroki Shimanaka. Metric for Automatic Machine Translation Evaluation Using Universal Sentence Representations.
  • Naruhisa Shirai. Neural Error Detection for Weather Forecast Manuscript.


  • Ryosuke Shirai. Machine Learning-based Sentence Boundary Detection for Modern Japanese Texts.
  • Hikaru Omori. Multi-task Learning for Japanese Predicate Argument Structure Analysis.
  • Yukio Matsumura. Neural Machine Translation and its Evaluation using Generative Adversarial Network.
  • Makoto Takenaka. A Study of Noise Distribution in the Skip-gram Negative Sampling.
  • Sugan Sirihattasak. Annotation and Classification of Toxicity for Thai Twitter.
  • Ayaha Osaki. Text Normalization and Morphological Analysis by Sequence Labeling using CRF.
  • Hayahide Yamagishi. Neural Machine Translation with Target-side Context.
  • Tomoya Ogata. Adversarial Evaluation for Dialog System.
  • Kanako Ikeda. Survey and Discussion on Sentiment Analysis Corpus Annotation.


  • Masahiro Kaneko. Using Error- and Grammaticality-Specific Word Embeddings for Grammatical Error Detection.
  • Tomonori Kodaira. Incorporating Document Structure into Abstractive Summarization.
  • Yuki Sekizawa. Paraphrasing the Target Language Corpus to Improve Japanese-to-English Neural Machine Translation.
  • Kento Shioda. Suggesting Sentences for English as a Second Language using Kernel Embeddings.


  • Yasunobu Asakura. Disaster Analysis using User-Generated Weather Report.
  • Shin Kanouchi. Effective Collection of Dialogues using Gamification.
  • Yoshiaki Kitagawa. Long Short-Term Memory for Japanese Morphological Analysis.
  • Junki Matsuo. Machine Translation Evaluation Metrics using Word Alignment.
  • Ryosuke Miyazaki. Neural Sentiment Classification from Consistency Tree with Attention.
  • Yuya Sakaizawa. Construction of a Japanese Word Similarity Dataset.
  • Takayuki Sato. Japanese-English Machine Translation of Recipe Texts.


  • Ai Hirata. Analysis of named entity recognition for texts from multiple genres and named entity classification for unknown named entity using Factorization Machines.
  • Kenchi Owada. Improving Bilingual Lexicon Induction for Out-of-Vocaburaly Words in Statistical Machine Translation Using Graph-propagation.
  • Ryuichi Tachibana. Extraction and analysis of spelling errors using English word typing game.
  • Yuki Tomo. Domain Adaptation For Robust Word Segmentation of Japanese Learner's Text.
  • Peinan Zhang. Japanese Sentiment Classification with Stacked Denoising Auto-Encoder using Distributed Word Representation.
  • Yinchen Zhao. Chinese Grammatical Error Correction Using Statistical Machine Translation.