Hi, there.

My name is Zhousi CHEN (陈宙斯 in simplified Chinse)

I came from Guiyang City, the capital of Guizhou Province, Southwest of China, and feel honored and happy to study in Komachi Lab on the brink of Hino City. I have a wide range of interests such as traveling, rock climbing and trail running. My billiard skills are amateur but not bad. Besides, I love science.

Computational linguistics is the main field of our laboratory, and my researches are concentrating on parsing and structural learning. While I do not look into how to improve the existing models, I do like devising inspiring small-scale neural models and refining them to some certain level through engineering. These models should be not only effective but able to give us some insight about our knowledge. My future interests are on physics and quantum computation. I hope that one day AI empowered by quantum computation can be one of our best friends, inspiring assistants, or even delighting teachers. And it can be our crucial technique to govern ourselves and colonize the space. Then we will be bonded as a true species without the boundray of thoughts and distance.

Thus I hope I can lead my life way from my origin. That's always how we sapiens accquire knowledge and roll on earth:)

Thanks honestly to my family for supporting my study and to everyone in and out of Komachi Lab for being nice to me.

Paper Introductions:

Subject Event Specification
NN Paradigm Classical paper introducntion 2018 REINFORCE: a RL algorithm with back-propagation and its philosophy

Tech Introductions:

Subject Event Specification
ggplot2 Tutorial 2019 The grammar of graphics gives us insights and inspiration to plots
Qiskit Tutorial 2020 Quantum Computation: the near-future computation.