Introduction to Computational Linguistics 2015


Associate professor, Mamoru Komachi <>

Course description

This course gives you a brief introduction to computational linguistics. You will see several recent statistical approaches to natural language processing.

N.B. This course overlaps significantly with the last year's "Introduction to Japanese Natural Language Processing". Those who took the class last year may not take this course.


The course is a mixture of video lectures from Coursera: Stanford Natural Language Processing and discussions based on that.

Class on the 18th Jan was canceled. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Past lectures


Hino Campus, Building 1, Seminar Room 2.


Midterm assigment (50%) and final exam (50%).

Midterm assignment: Use AntConc for linguistic analysis. Compare two texts of your interest and discuss what, how and why they differ. The length of the essay should be 500-800 words.

Office hours

No office hours. Please make an appointment by e-mail.

Teaching assistants


Mamoru Komachi <>
Tokyo Metropolitan University