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Doctor's thesis

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Master's thesis


  • Ai Hirata. Analysis of named entity recognition for texts from multiple genres and named entity classification for unknown named entity using Factorization Machines.
  • Kenchi Owada. Improving Bilingual Lexicon Induction for Out-of-Vocaburaly Words in Statistical Machine Translation Using Graph-propagation.
  • Ryuichi Tachibana. Extraction and analysis of spelling errors using English word typing game.
  • Yuki Tomo. Domain Adaptation For Robust Word Segmentation of Japanese Learner's Text.
  • Peinan Zhang. Japanese Sentiment Classification with Stacked Denoising Auto-Encoder using Distributed Word Representation.
  • Yinchen Zhao. Chinese Grammatical Error Correction Using Statistical Machine Translation.

Undergraduate thesis


  • Mahito Noguchi. Lexical Substitution of Japanese Compound Verbs using Word Structure.
  • Tomonori Kodaira. Balanced Dataset for Evaluation of Japanese Lexical Simplification.
  • Yuki Sekiguchi. Paraphrasing Two Kanji Characters to Phrase Using Word Structure Information and Paraphrase Patterns.
  • Kento Shioda. Reading assistance for learners of the Japanese language using the number of users for each word.


  • Shin Kanouchi. Who had a cold?
  • Yoshiaki Kitagawa. Factuality analysis for the influenza epidemic detection.
  • Ryosuke Miyazaki. Term extraction by distant supervised learning using Wikipedia.
  • Yuya Sakaizawa. Discussion of unsupervised word sense disambiguation using paragraph vector.


  • Hiroshi Ejiri. Tense and Aspect Error Detection and Correction of ESL Writings Using Machine Learning Techniques.
  • Ai Hirata. Multiclass Set Expansion using a Bootstrapping Method.
  • Kiyoshi Sasaki. Trend Analysis and Visualization of the User-generated Novels using Dynamic Topic Model.
  • Peinan Zhang. Sentiment Classification with Higher Order Dependency Structure.