Internship opportunity

Currently, we do not have any budget to host your internship (sorry!); but if you can cover the living expense during your stay (approx. 150,000 JPY per month) by yourself, we are glad to mentor you. Typical internship period spans 1 - 2 months (4 - 8 weeks), starting from August (July) to September (August).

If you are interested in applying for master's program at TMU, you must be fluent in Japanese (JLPT L1 or equivalent is necessary because all the classes are taught in the Japanese language). If you are interested in applying for Ph.D. program at TMU, Japanese proficiency is not required (although it would help your stay in Japan).

If you are interested in staying some time in Japan as a research intern, I do recommend doing internships at other research labs such as NAIST, NTT, NICT, NII, etc.

Possible research projects at TMU are:
  • Deep learning for natural language processing
  • Neural machine translation